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I didn't know I could be this close to a person
really this close
and share laughter
breathe in each other.
breathe on each other, onto,
and then snort some more laughter
into the universe. I didn't expect
to be giggling together but
he surprises me constantly, I am delighted in his presence
because his wit and thinking are not mine – but as light as mine –
and so I light up with him. I didn't know what it was like
to really like somebody who wasn't me…I was never good at that anyway…
he couldn't handle me 'trying to figure things out'
instead of sampling a 'yes' for once, and just trusting,
letting go and falling .   into  .
everything good.
didn't you enjoy it? Didn't we start with the fun
and laughter and breathing and the universe?
even in God, even in nature, even in pain –
laughter isn't escape – it lets the used out of you.
it lets go of the old so you can find and fill with fresh.
so breathe in, I am with you.
breathe out,
touch me, I'll hold you..
how didn't I know we could be
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My Wolf Poem
I'm a fearsome beast, right?
Like, ferocious and virile.
I cause your adrenaline to pump
and I make you sweat a little.
Super strong, such strength, you think,
and you're right; I'm totally buff.
But I'm also a kitten,
a huge,      sexy        kitten,
like Jacob from Twilight but better
because I'm real.
See what I did there?
We should totally date.
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Little Caterpillar
A little caterpillar asked his father: Papa, how can I fly?
With practice and hard work, he responded.
So the little caterpillar studied physics, gravity, aerodynamics, thermodynamics, socioeconomics, geography, metallurgy, taxonomy, history, sociology, philosophy, and read Jonathon Livingston Seagull all in preparation for that day.
He studied and practiced and applied himself until he spontaneously began building a cocoon, thinking excitedly: this is it!
And when he emerged he flew so effortlessly, so according to his nature, it turned out he didn't need any of that shit.
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Many roads
    One Way
*one destination*
But many distractions-
distractions lead to destruction
but we're always on a road
going somewhere
         some here
         some how I've chosen the path I'm on
And have been/is/were/am captivated by the
Light I see at the end.
      But hope:
      Every road's a tributary to the Might One,
      The one that empties into the Sea.
      Every confluence is a place of decision
      Where I put off what I was for what's bigger than
The whole.
        The whale is my other option –
For a time in limbo, a corner to think about what I've done
Then spat out to begin again.
    To be r
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Lovers lift your eyes for just a moment,
the trees of light are singing,
sighing sounds to true love's rhythm.
sounds like fire, like water,
like nothing you've heard before;
not just wind but spirit,
two wills matching
– a method and a harmony –
mating to produce a perfection.
   Here I am         Here we are
proud to have done all we've done
and unashamed of the dark in hindsight.
o, soft, light –
the sun –
the beginning,
dawn on the awnings and songbirds
singing today's another remarkable beginning.
so shout it out.
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You're normal enough in the light, but when I really look at you, it's as if you morph into something beautiful. I can't tell if it's seeing you as you are or as I want you; either way I am lost there. I get close to your face in the odd light and cannot process or believe what I see, dwelling on nothing but the pattern my eyes trace, searching your visage for some explanation of everything moving in me. It's like a waking dream, and I don't know if you're aware of the voltage coursing through me. It hardly matters. To connect with myself I find the thing that sparks my engines, yet am still caught off-guard when my gears spin to life, stunned, speechless.
"I don't, I don't…" I stutter, harboring storms and broken glass, needing so much to unchain this door and all I'm comprised of. Clothes come off so quickly and I'm skin, fooled by the wind, imagining I'm sensate. Uncovered, to the eye I look different: colours and textures, but it's still me through. As if touch would satisfy w
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In darkest, awe-inspiring sparkling hues
I fall. Tonight's a dream of waking
mirth, failing power, fallen sons,
today's a wicked-feeling flower
wilting 'neath the living sun.
I'm taken in a run around
begat undone and scarcely had
a moment's rest 'cuz in this fest
the myst'ries hide their faces.
This great-gold world of vivid green
smiles a Cheshire smile at me
But something's bitter, a taste that withers
revealing 'neath the outer works a
tale's being told:
       of battles forged fought won
       most lost
       of danger and disaster
       a fighter's light cut short
       and swift
       there flee the runners faster.
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Green is the colour of eyes. Dappled sunshine, pooled depths that speak calming winds into a turbulent earth. Here there is life. New  birth, fresh and clean, green's the colour of hidden secrets becoming life – as death feeds the living, so green enshrouds, overtakes, imbues enlightens enlivens heartens and never disparages: green is the colour of love. Laughter is blue with sparks of purple and orange, but green is a healthy and light sobriety. Lifted, green is the dark forest, intense serenity and solitude. But it imposes nothing except by that which dons it. Green is unassuming and here for you.
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I am rickshaw towing energy -
feet beat and sweaty
here-to-there this much
and go
I swing fisted arms in the car
and cry to the wind
'It feels like you're running
at an incredible rate!'
I beat my wings streetside
and flapping wildly
recall the ease and energy it
takes to fly
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I'm not dead yet
I speak of liberty,
I sing as I
down a swig of amber-light joy.
For sure
I'm not dead yet
and in truth
I refuse it:
No death in life
But Life in Death!
Let's hear it for the
light and lofted,
life's little glories divine;
shouted from rooftop,
hillside and mountain.
This land is my land;
I run free in this garden of mine.
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   I want to cry. Want to explode. Outwards, to relieve the pressure. Inwards to find what I'm looking for. I want to end this 'on my terms' I can't understand I do. I desire this lust for life, the hart and hale that colors my cheeks and makes my smile genuine.Where is my joy? I don't know it's gone until I see my life in a box, colored grey. I scramble to hold something and my fingers dig in leaving claw mark impressions as I cease flowing up. Aching for fruit my muscles atrophy and my eyes weary. I work and call it lasting. I am saved yet never free, seeking yet undetermined. Feed me! I shout, and have never known work in my life.
    I am humbled, made low; though inorganic a lump of solid, solid clay, moving, apparently, animated with no purpose.
     I have sensed the joy and elation just beyond the borders of my vision, the color of the sky. It dances and sings in jollity, content without me, excited for my visitation.
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Aaron, the light bringer, the word of god, wears a diadem upon his forehead that says righteous, so whoever is facing him can remember they're still in right standing with God.
"with my naked eye i saw the pouring rain coming down on me" (Luscious Jackson)
"word of god speak/would you pour down like rain/washing my eyes to see/your majesty" and sovereignty o, father.
your completion and the fruit you bring forth. Beauty, heart and hale from what I call muck.
How can you be so splendorous? you shine and clean. Constantly, consistently, and with care.
we dine, you and i lord, in the nicest restaurants, on the choicesst meat and sweetest wine.
we dwell, you and i father, in heavenly places untouched by human hands.  
Holy spirit we rock out. You and me, Me and you together. Inseperable.
Thanks for that.
I was gonn write an apology, but my heart beat me to it. Anyway, we both know we've moved on.
Lord i thought you were a jerk, unsmiling.
I know now all you've ever done is smile
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Undiscovered yields
lie hidden
sequestered in place in time
until the moment of their awakening.
The Lord does these things
His own work. Magic. Profound.
Mundane in dim light -
Everything in light of Day.
Freed. Made clean.
These robots begin to whir
and go about their function
in the scheme of things.
falcon dive    screeching wings
a wailing siren
a sign.
boiling lust of flesh
Groan in like roots,
follow them home
discover by what they're fed.
Draft conviction without error
just a first beginning.
Leave each man to light
his own. Follow Grace
and space and trace the
steps of spirits  in their
lovely dance around the room.
I know my heart lies
in the ground of my Father,
His land and way.
Humming as He works He
pulls and turns all day.
   This ground simply
   yearns for more.
The shape of what's ahead
is clear, but my eyes can't take it.
I remain here, in this presents.
A diamond dozen
etched design - not one
perfect withou
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Rail against.
throw yourself-
You vs. glass
no hope of victory.
broken and bloody
keep at it convinced
of all you know. shatter your
bones, your strength.
crack your dreams,
your motive for smiling.
reshape your face
as your nose splits
into your eyes.
Yell until you can't hear
and cry until your hands
bleed for water.
Ruin your skull -
let the bad spirits out.
Run until
you're out of you,
then fall and rest
and be reborn.
Remade   Reformed
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Be Free to Fly
She's been uncaged.
All life dreaming to lift powerfully and effortlessly into clear, crisp air. Only ever feeling the breeze through bars.
A thing pretty to look at, but not really alive, not living; passing time, occupying space as that so needs doing.
Until one day the door is opened.
A hesitant step and oh, golly she's outside. Never experienced, never been outside - to look backward and in is to be opressed; it's dark in there. and dirty. But the world is now unshut and that's how it will remain.
She cannot go, cannot depart her perch. She had always seen the other birds flying by and how envious she was of their freedom, their reason for song.
But she may not be as efficient as they for she's had no practice. What if she falls? Is hurt? Is killed?
A waste. It's better to not take the risk.
A breeze brushes over her lightly stirring her feathers.
Ooh, it smells so sweet. I could move with that she thinks.
But no.
What stops her? Nothing, really. Had she not the mind of a gi
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To swim in Stars,
to shine and shimmer
a swansong divine.
Sifting feelings
finding the pure,
as quiet and brilliant muse
thrum an ethereal cadence.
Flash and glimmer
leave no room
for fear or fight
but a foreign peace
This the end,
the last of what was,
what has been.
A clear beginning
for here,
A traveller
becoming what he will be.
Strong and Mighty
Powerful Resounding
A mover
earth shaker.
but for now
a reveller,
sailing into boundless serenity.
This peace will be unbroken
and so remain.
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I'm finding out the world's not as I thought it was, the rabbit-hole isn't only darkness but a practical way to find out what you're made of.


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